Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marilla Hills Winery
Zachary Strassman
21571 Hulls Road
Copemish MI 49625

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

        Welcome to the blog spot of Marilla Hills Winery located in Manistee County Michigan. Marilla Hills is one of the smallest wineries in Michigan producing less than 1000 cases annually.
Marilla Hills utilizes 100% Michigan grown fruit and small lot fermentation's. Wines are made using natural ingredients and techniques akin to what a home winemaker would utilize. Winemaker Zachary Strassman is the sole employee. 
        Over the past several years of harsh winters, establishment of a productive vineyard has been challenging to say the least. Zachary has chosen to take his experience to Santa Barbara Co. California where grapes are more abundant. His current offering of wines are the accumulation of wine making over the past 6 years. The limited quantity are on a first come first serve basis. Marilla Hills does NOT have a tasting room but can be purchased if contacted for a private tasting.
        A note on bottle precipitates: Many of Marilla Hills dry wines are unfiltered and unrefined. Crystal Diamonds of tartaric acid occasionally form on the bottom of the bottle. The crystals are from natural grape acids and will not hurt you. These are the same acids used in confectionery to make tart candy. In the old days wines were decanted not just to introduce air to the wine but to remove the precipitates. These wines represent a throwback but may also have greater aging potential.        

Wine collection:
Red Wines
Corot Noir
Saint Vincent 
 White Wines 
Valvin Muscat Dry 
Valvin Muscat Sweet
Brianna Dry
Fruit Wines
Raspberry Dry
Raspberry Sweet